About Us

Nature’s Tree Service was founded in 2010 to provide excellent tree care and removal services to Collingwood and the South Georgian Bay area. All of our team members are proud residents of Collingwood. Each of us has an interest in making our region a better place, and one of the ways we do that is by providing honest, affordable, reliable tree service to Collingwood and South Georgian Bay!

We are the only arborist company located in South Georgian Bay that is equipped with a bucket truck! This means that jobs that would be hazardous or impossible for other companies are easy for us. With our 60 foot boom, we can reach most trees in our area. When conducting a removal, often using a bucket truck saves a great deal of time, even if we would have been able to climb the tree. When we can get done quicker, this means savings for you!

Call us for:

  • Residential (private) line clearing
  • Christmas light installation
  • And more!

Friendly Service. Affordable Prices.